Time and Motion Studies

TMS is a short series of 8-channel audiovisual routines being primarily worked upon at Elektronmusic Studion EMS, Stockholm. Solely utilising  a … More


Clamour is an upcoming interactive mixed media theatre piece being written in collaboration with digital artist Simon Katan. Exploring the theme … More

Generative Electronic

Since 2010 I have been composing a diverse series of generative electronic works using MAX/MSP within Ableton, wherein all sounds … More


The London-based Composer’s Collective Brainer charts a unique form of mixed media abstract performance that is equally concerned with sound, gesture, form … More


Segwey is the moniker for an ongoing electronic music project exploring the use of unconventional rhythmic and metric procedures, along with … More

Plasma Vista

I devised sound and music for this film and installation by the artists Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot, along with … More